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Interim management for the IT carve-out at Next.e.GO Mobile SE

Against the background of an already ongoing IT carve-out, we were assigned an interim management mandate. The interim manager acted in the role of “IT Service Manager (ITSM)”. Reporting was made directly to the Vice President Information Technology & Digitization and the Management Board.

Customer: Next.e.GO Mobile SE

The Next.e.GO Mobile SE based in Aachen, Germany, is a manufacturer of electric vehicles and sustainable mobility systems. At the RWTH Aachen Campus, 370 employees of Next.e.GO Mobile SE took advantage of the unique network of science and business with 420 technology companies and a comprehensive research infrastructure. Agile teams are working on various low-cost and particularly durable electric vehicles for short-haul transport. In the course of an IT carve-out, the company moved to the “Rothe Erde” industrial park in Aachen in September.

Situation and challenges

The two deadlines of relocation and completion of the IT carve-out presented a particular challenge. In this context, the agreed dates and deadlines had to be met and strictly monitored.
At the start of the project, the employee in the position, who was absent for an extended period of time due to vacation, was available for a brief orientation period. Subsequently, the interim manager was the contact person responsible for the following topics:

  1. IT Carve-Out Topics:
    – Contract management
    – IT infrastructure (server, telephony, network)
    – Engineering applications (PTC applications, TRIAS)
    – ERP data transfer
  2. Other ITSM topics:
    – IT site relocation
    – IT service provider selection

digatus managed the ERP carve-out project very well and also supported us in the ITSM environment. A pragmatic “can-do“ attitude and passion characterized digatus. In addition, digatus was very flexible and responded quickly to new challenges in the project, as well as adapting its own role accordingly.

Ernest Debets
Vice President Information Technology & Digitalization, Next.e.GO Mobile SE


The digatus interim manager coordinated the contract management and acted as the central point of contact, in particular with the telecommunications service provider, cable network operator and Internet service provider “NetAachen” and “Netgo”.
In addition, he ensured the complete and timely ERP/finance data export (including selection of relevant carve-out data) from the selling ERP (PSI and eGecko) systems. He additionally acted as the central point of contact for the migration of the data that was migrated to Microsoft Navision Dynamics Business Central on the part of the target company. He also coordinated the sale of IT infrastructure components (servers, telephony, network) that were no longer needed and were taken over by the target company. In the field of engineering applications, he was responsible for project controlling, mainly for PTC applications and TRIAS. As a member of the relocation team, the interim manager was the central point of contact for all IT issues.
Parallel to the aforementioned topics, a new IT service provider had to be selected. The interim manager conducted the selection process and then supported onboarding and transition planning.

Customer benefits

  • IT carve-out and relocation were completed on time and on schedule
  • Potential savings were leveraged in the course of contract management and the sale of IT infrastructure components
  • A new IT service provider was selected, know-how transfer and transition phase 1 were ensured on schedule
Christoph Pscherer

Christoph Pscherer
He has been working in the IT environment for almost 20 years, gaining experience in a wide variety of roles and areas. Through his years of experience as a service manager, he knows the challenges and needs on the customer side. He has been applying this deep understanding and knowledge at digatus for over two years. As a project manager, his main focus is on IT M&A, where he mainly manages carve-out projects.


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