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Patrick Streit

A project is a business for a certain period of time. It has its own project organization consisting of different rules, roles, experience levels and communication structures. Due to complex project tasks as well as budget and time restrictions, the organization must not be neglected under any circumstances and must ensure a clear definition of tasks and responsibilities as well as a clear demarcation from the line organization. This is the only way to ensure cost- and time-efficient project progress. There are many different approaches to setting up the project organization and implementing the project – but what is inevitable is the use of employees across different levels of experience. This allows the distribution of tasks and responsibilities to employees with the appropriate level of experience. This makes the processing of tasks more effective and efficient in terms of time and costs. This article shows the different levels of experience that project management and consulting offer in the course of a career and the exciting tasks and responsibilities that are associated with them in the context of project work.

Career at digatus

The world of IT is vast, so specialization in certain areas is the norm. If you decide to work in web development, there are, for example, specialists for the frontend as well as for the backend and you often read about the so-called fullstack developers. What are the differences and what motivation and skills should one have for the respective job? We asked our developers about this:


Starting a new job is very exciting because you get to meet a lot of new people and get involved in different projects. To show what starting at digatus can look like, I would like to give an insight into my first few weeks.