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Patrick Streit

The two industrial gas companies and former competitors, Linde AG, and Praxair Inc, merged in October 2018 to form the new global market leader under the Linde name. Linde is a leading industrial gases and engineering company with sales (pro forma) of $28 billion (EUR24 billion) in the year 2018, employing approximately 80,000 people worldwide and serving customers in more than 100 countries all around the world. Linde delivers innovative and sustainable solutions for its customers and creates value for all stakeholders. The company makes our world more productive by developing products, technologies and services that improve its customers’ economic and environmental performance in a connected world.

Hannes Götz

Meetings have long since become an integral part of our everyday working lives. We meet in different constellations and discuss various topics to pursue common goals. But if you take a closer look, you will notice that there are different perceptions and definitions. Because of these differences in perception and implementation, the quality and effectiveness of meetings vary. In the following, we have summarised our view of meetings and show which type of meeting is suitable for which objective, because not all meetings are the same.

Adrian Liepert

In their strategic orientation, companies like to stick to the concept of Lean management, as it is considered the driver of efficient processes. However, it is not a classic management method in a conventional sense, but rather embodies a holistic mindset. The Lean management approach defines itself as a combination of different methods to create real added value for customers. In order to achieve this primary goal, it is necessary to avoid waste in the company and to identify and, if necessary, eliminate superfluous business processes.