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Simon Paesler

For Pfennigparade, the process of creating findings should be improved in terms of efficiency, speed and safety.

Christoph Pscherer

Today, the product portfolio of the 100% holding of Mutares for a wide range of requirements includes steel structures, roof, and facade solutions, as well as wood products for interior finishing and building cladding. Donges thus serves architects, planners, building developers, general contractors and builders, the public sector as well as craftsmen and processing companies. The Donges Group employs over 1,200 people at 13 production sites in Europe and in sales offices worldwide and generates annualized consolidated sales of around EUR 500 million. Following the latest add-on acquisition (Permasteelisa), Donges is aiming for further growth and consolidation of its very good positioning in the European market. The cornerstones of this strategy are the realization of synergies through the joint processing of the existing customer portfolio and existing sales channels, as well as the development of Northern and Southern European markets in the areas of facade solutions and steel construction.

Mathias Müller
Over the last few years, we have been intensively addressing one question and solving the resulting problems: Why do so many companies underestimate the complexities and challenges when it comes to new modern IT solutions, especially in the context of Microsoft365? Of course, there is no simple answer that is 100% right for everyone. However, with the right partner and a suitable concept, every company can avoid the biggest problems in this context. To this end, we have collected all our experience from projects that have run well and those that have not, structured it and summarized it into our own approach three years ago: our Cloud Innovation Journey. In this reference, we show how we helped NürnbergMesse GmbH to implement a clean and successful cloud project precisely through this structure and approach.
Alexander Dürst

Data has long been considered the new oil. But without the appropriate processing, even oil is worthless. The same is true for data. Only when valuable information is extracted from it are data pools in companies valuable. One way to extract information for process optimization is process mining.

Adrian Liepert
By means of the IT audit carried out, we supported the ASSMANN Group in precisely analyzing and evaluating the future viability of its IT landscape.
Christoph Pscherer

Against the background of an already ongoing IT carve-out, we were assigned an interim management mandate. The interim manager acted in the role of “IT Service Manager (ITSM)”. Reporting was made directly to the Vice President Information Technology & Digitization and the Management Board.

Daniel Bäumler

Separating a section of an enterprise from an existing infrastructure entails many changes and major challenges. The interfaces to old systems have to be properly resolved and entirely separate, custom structures have to be created. In addition, the participants of a carve-out project are often confronted with problems of complex knowledge transfer, situation-related employee fluctuation and contractual time pressure. An example of a successful carve-out is the separation of the Siemens Turbomachinery Equipment GmbH from the Siemens AG by digatus.