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Change Management

Change management - an often forgotten component in the digitization process

Digital transformation is worldwide the biggest driver of change processes in organizations. However, very few change initiatives are immediately met with broad acceptance. Individual resistance within one’s own organization often hinders the adoption of new (digital) habits.

The only reliable solution to this: Change Management. Change management provides both positive incentives for change and strategies for overcoming resistance. It’s the only way for employees to ultimately state: “I understand it”, “I think it’s right”, “I want it” – and: “I can do it”. Since each of these four aspects can represent a change barrier of digitalization, we need to respond to in different ways. We help you to overcome them successfully and to cope with digital transformation.

Four typical types of resistance in digitization projects:

“I disagree with the content”

  • Different information / facts
  • Different opinions about the facts

Explanation of / discussion about the issue(s)

“I don’t understand”

  • Lack of background information
  • No precise description of purposes and measures

Communication of data, facts and background

“I don’t want to”

  • Insecurity and stress
  • Fear of loss (power, privileges, etc.)
  • Political aspects

Negotiation of compromises

“I can’t”

  • Insufficient resources
  • Perceived lack of qualification (own, team)

Provide necessary resources (training / education)

Transparent communication and exemplary leadership

The biggest challenges for organizations in change initiatives are transparent and honest communication and leading by example. More than 70% of employees cite poor communication and leadership as the cause of failed change initiatives, according to studies.


For 77% of the respondents, poor communication was the cause of failed change measures.


For 73% of the respondents, a lack of leadership was the cause of failed change measures.

How do we meet these challenges?

In our change management approach, the aspects of communication and leadership represent the two central components. Our strategy is based on honest and open communication as well as empowering and motivating leadership, which is deeply rooted in in all our measures and recommendations for action.


Developing a communication strategy

Your employees usually pass various emotional stages within a change initiative. To minimize potential resistance or emerging skepticism, we develop a situational and targeted communication for you.


Establishing communication structure and culture

With an open communication culture, you promote professional exchange. We analyze the structure and culture of information exchange within your company and help you to establish the desired approaches.


Implementing communication channels

In line with the communication strategy and culture, we advise you on the selection of suitable digital and non-digital communication channels and implement them in your company.

Change Bewusstsein

Raising awareness of change

Human behavior is significantly shaped by the individual perception of the corresponding person. Understanding this is essential in any change. We conduct workshops with your employees (as change agents) on behavioral psychological topics such as biases or debiasing.

führungskräfte schulen

Strengthening and training managers

Your managers play a fundamental role in change processes. They must lead exemplarily and act as multipliers. In coaching sessions and workshops, we provide your managers with strategies (such as nudging techniques) to create positive incentives for change and to deal constructively with resistance.

Digitale Tools

Using innovative technologies

We would not be an IT consultancy if we would not use our IT know-how to support change management measures by means of innovative technologies. Information systems, virtual communities or e-learnings are just a few examples of how we support your change effectively and sustainably.

Our approach

Our change management approach is based on current scientific literature and practical project experience. Due to our network with renowned universities and research institutes (e.g., through lectureship and cooperation partnerships), we are always able to keep up with the latest methodology. Through our many years of project experience, we also have a strong focus on the practicability of the solutions for our customers.

We divide our change management approach into three phases:

Project duration

  • Establish transparent communication
  • Involve employees
  • Sensitize managers

  • Strengthen and train managers
  • Establish visibility
  • Demonstrate quick wins

  • Ensure knowledge transfer and documentation
  • Initiate regular reflection to ensure sustainability of change

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Dr. Moritz Hagen is senior consultant at digatus it consulting and successfully supports companies in their digital transformation through change management.


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