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Data Science

Data Science

With the help of our experienced consultants, complicated data becomes important insights. Data science offers companies great opportunities to take their business success to the next level. Our experts accompany you on the path to a data-driven future and offer not only individual solutions but also close cooperation throughout the entire project. We focus on data science, data engineering, data analytics and deep learning.

Data Science Prozess

Data Engineering

Innovation is essential for digital transformation and a data-driven future. In data engineering, we understand data in its complete life cycle: from acquisition and modelling to design and structuring. Because adequate data quality is essential for fast solutions. We ensure quality, integrity and usability throughout the entire data life cycle.

The aim is to offer sustainable, scalable (cloud) solutions for data automation, from data capture to modelling and structuring, in order to optimise value chains and remain fit for the future. In doing so, we rely on state-of-the-art technologies such as Azure Data Factory, Synapse Link and Databricks, as well as innovative data cloud platforms such as Snowflake.

We find individual solutions for every situation or accompany your team through the process, regardless of whether it is data warehouse management, (real-time) ETL processes or the structuring of data-based workflows. This keeps your company fit for the future in the digital world.

Data Analytics

By analysing the data, we provide faster insights into the process, which in turn enable more sustainable decisions. In this way, your company achieves operational control and reliable corporate planning.

With modern data architectures such as big data technologies and agile analytics, we rely on state-of-the-art technologies such as Azure, Snowflake, PowerBI and Tableau.

Our dashboard analytics and reporting tools help your organisation efficiently evaluate the value of data: including marketing, sales and operations, manufacturing and supply chain, customer support and IT.

We understand the challenges of accurate statistical evaluation of data potential and help you create and migrate the appropriate dashboards and reporting tools to accelerate business success.

Deep Learning / Machine Learning

Deep Learning or Machine Learning recognises patterns and correlations in large amounts of data on the basis of algorithms and statistical models.

Data and AI are the key and the essential criterion for sustainable data-driven business transformation and a competitive advantage. We support companies in optimising their business processes with the help of Deep Learning.

By scaling AI in conjunction with the cloud, capacities are redefined and the data maturity level in the company is improved. This creates a sustainable value chain and increases your company’s success.

The Deep Learning process uses state of the art methods of Machine Learning and Deep Learning as well as Responsible AI. We always want to expand our expertise in these areas and are convinced that research is an essential pillar for a solid knowledge base, which is why we are interested in joint scientific projects.

Our partners and certifications

Our nearshore approach

Quick availability

The Polish IT sector is one of the fastest growing IT sectors in Europe. Our strong recruitment process and first-class connections allow you to find the right resources within a month.


We value experience - regardless of the location. That is why the experience standards of our Polish and German colleagues match.

Close collaboration

We share a vision and work on it together - even if we work in different locations, because we are very similar in our culture. Communication is easily done in English.

Competitive prices

Our subsidiary in Poland enables us to offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. This is possible due to the advantageous Polish tax conditions and excellent training.


Contact person

Oliver Seitz

As Head of digatus.ai, Oliver Seitz and his team advise and support companies in all areas of data engineering, data analytics, deep learning and AI. A particular focus is on the manufacturing sector with challenges in predictive maintenance, process optimisation and quality control.


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